Senior excited for master’s program

Important for students to find hobbies and interests; not getting enough recognition for hard work during pandemic



Graduating criminal justice major is sad she does not get to walk. But is looking forward to continue at WSU to pursue her master’s degree in criminal justice.

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Evergreen reporter

Graduation for WSU students will look different for the third semester, and WSU students still have strong emotions about it.

Keilah Shaw, senior criminal justice major, said it is extremely difficult to think about graduation, especially because she and her fellow graduates will not be able to walk. 

“I know that was the most saddening thing I think that I’ve ever been through,” she said. “[I’m] getting two degrees and [I don’t get] to walk at least once.”

Darby Miller, senior genetics and cell biology major, said graduation seems less exciting now that she will not be walking.

“I feel like there needs to be some kind of celebration to mark the end of this time that we’ve all been through in our lives,” she said. 

Even though it is nice to stay home sometimes, she said it is hard for her to have a set routine. She would rather have events like graduation and classes in person. 

Even though she will not be having a normal graduation, Shaw is still looking on the bright side of things; she is going to be continuing school with WSU’s graduate program for criminal justice. 

“The reason I chose WSU [for graduate school] is because of all the programs I’ve been a part of,” she said. “I think being a part of the clubs and really getting to know the professors at the university through the department has really solidified my decision in wanting to [stay] here.” 

Shaw said people should remember to focus on themselves from time to time during the pandemic.

“If you don’t focus on you through this pandemic it’s going to consume you,” she said. “It’s okay to be upset that you don’t get to graduate the way you had always planned.”

She said it is hard to find motivation while sitting in front of the computer all day. But as long as students try the best they can to find hobbies and interests they are passionate about, things will not be so hard. 

“I do think it’s extremely difficult to have to graduate in a pandemic and I don’t think students are getting enough credit for what they’re going through,” she said.