Getting involved at WSU

Looking back on your education and pondering your time in college is one of the great miracles of life, albeit tearfully nostalgic yet soulfully sentimental. Those of us who carry the knowledge and experience of the past have a responsibility to pass that which we’ve learned to the next generation.

The following is not compulsory; it’s not a requirement for graduation nor an imperative outside the social realm. It is but a reminder – a memorandum if you will – and the result of countless hours spent within the collegiate community.

So, I believe congratulations are in order. Whether you like it or not, you are moving up in the world. In fact, as a college attendee, you are joining a select few of about 21 million other students in the United States who seek to better themselves and the entirety around them through higher education.

But before the confetti flies, there are a few things you should know.

An important aspect of university living is balance. College is about getting to know yourself and getting to know those around you. It is a time to experiment socially, emotionally, and physically, and it is a place to completely break the mold of comfortability, get out and explore – your social life (or lack thereof) is entirely of your choosing.

Getting involved is crucial, which is noted by student involvement and beautifully echoed in their philosophy – “It’s not the length of college, but the depth of college.”

Bottom line, affiliation with any one of the more than 400 clubs on campus not only looks great on applications and résumés, but getting involved will also make you feel great and help you meet interesting and exciting new people.

Additionally, intermural leagues run year-round with sports ranging from all across the spectrum, geared toward friendly community co-ed competition. While you’re at it, check out the Student Recreation Center (SRC) for swimming, biking and lifting, or the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) for rugged outdoor equipment checkout.

Are sports not your forte? Then hit up the Student Organization Center (SOC) for group meeting space and free supplies; head to the Compton Union Building (CUB) for pool, video games, full screen projectors, and food. Mainly, go forth and do great things.

Having said that, however, remember that you are here first and foremost as a student. Now, you have made it this far, and I need not be the one who preaches, but scholastics ultimately come first. Go forth and follow the night, by all means, seize opportunity by a stronghold and relish the ride, but make sure you are in the library working your psyche to the breaking point, come Sunday morning.

Lastly, I urge, no, beg you to keep an open mind. College is a rare scene wherein a wide array of minds ban together from various walks of life in search of knowledgeable experience. A know-it-all mentality will get you nowhere fast and, more importantly, it will be a huge waste of precious time and money.

Take advantage of the opportunity at hand, and learn as much as you can, pursue and experience activities that build character, then learn a little bit more. Pass what you have learned to the generations who come after, and create a wonderful experience to reflect on years down the road.