OPINION: Battle of the Snacks: Cheez-Its versus Goldfish

WSU students share their preferred choice of cheesy snacks in this week’s battle



Who will fall in this Battle of the Snacks?

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Evergreen reporter

My comfort snacks are either Cheez-Its or Goldfish. I go through phases of only wanting to eat one or the other, but if I had to pick right now, I would go for the Cheez-Its.

I think Cheez-Its taste a little better than Goldfish, especially since the after-taste from Cheez-Its lasts somewhat longer than the one you get from Goldfish. 

Trevin Cassels, freshman communications major, said he prefers Cheez-Its over Goldfish as well. 

“[They are] cleaner, [your] fingers feel cleaner after eating them,” he said. 

Cassels and I agree that Cheez-Its have a stronger flavor than Goldfish. 

He said his favorite kind of Cheez-Its are the extra crispy ones. 

“It feels like it’s got just the right amount of cheesy with just the right amount of crunch and dryness,” he said. 

I generally enjoy any type of Cheez-Its because of the taste, but I do think the extra crispy ones Cassels mentioned are a legitimate flavor. 

Cassels said even though Cheez-Its are more of his style, he enjoys Goldfish and will still eat them. 

Raphaella Guimaraes, freshman political science and human development major, said she does not like either snack. 

She said the taste of cheddar is so fake that she does not taste anything. 

“Whenever I eat Cheez-Its or Goldfish, it tastes like nothing to me,” she said. “I don’t feel like it’s the real cheddar flavor to me.”

I never really thought about the taste of fake cheddar; I usually eat Cheez-Its when I am hungry after a workout, and I eat Goldfish at midnight when I am unable to sleep.

Guimaraes said she prefers Oreo minis instead, which I think is a solid choice for a snack. 

Not only do I prefer Cheez-Its because of the taste, but they do not stick to my teeth as much as Goldfish do. I grew up only eating Cheez-Its for snacks, so I am really just used to reaching for the box of Cheez-Its instead of Goldfish.