WSU couple’s favorite spot on campus was library basement

Couple got engaged six months after dating; football was their favorite date event



The couple dated for six months before they got engaged. They have a son who is a WSU freshman this year.

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Evergreen reporter

As we start heading into the months of warmer weather, one couple talks about their days when the weather was about to turn colder. 

WSU alumni Emmylou and Aaron Newell met at a friend’s apartment when they were about to go to a football game with their youth group. 

“That was the very first time I met him because he was a transfer student from Centralia College and I was a freshman,” Emmylou said. “Then we all kind of hung out together at the football game and kept kind of doing stuff as a youth group, and we started dating.” 

They dated for six months after that, then got engaged. 

“We met there in 1997 and got engaged in 1998,” Aaron said. 

Emmylou said they have a son who is a WSU freshman. They were able to see how WSU has developed since they went there. 

She said campus is really pretty now. The university recreation center was just starting to be built when she was on campus, so she enjoys being able to see the final product. 

“The old stadium was there and we could easily go down onto the field,” Aaron said. “The cafe down below, Bohler Gym, none of that stuff was there.”

Emmylou said she enjoyed being able to experience the Rose Bowl in 1998 while she was at WSU. 

She and Aaron would go sledding on the golf course while using the trays from the cafeteria with their youth group.

The couple also went to many sporting events together during their time as Cougs.

“Going to football games was kind of our jam,” Aaron said. “We would also meet and go to basketball games.”

Emmylou said Aaron played for the men’s volleyball club team. After she and Aaron married, she would travel with the team to see their games.

The team went to nationals in Reno, Nevada, and they also were able to go to Las Vegas that year, she said. 

Emmylou said the team was good that year, and she enjoyed being able to go to their games. 

Emmylou said she and Aaron’s favorite spot on campus was the library’s basement. 

“There’s literally no one there. It’s like a dungeon down there,” Aaron said “It’s a great place to go and make out if you need to, but we went down there to study.”