OPINION: Is there really an alternate universe?

Astrophysists, laypeople alike theorize the possibility we live in one of many simulations



The question lies within ourselves, is it crazy to believe there is more out there?


In a conference in 2016, Elon Musk said the odds of us living in a reality is one in billions. The “reality” we currently live in is what we consider a base world, according to an article. 

The article mentions astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s theory about living in a computer simulation.

“If so, the simulation would most likely create perceptions of reality on demand rather than simulate all of reality all the time—much like a video game optimized to render only the parts of a scene visible to a player,” according to the article. 

I do not necessarily think we are living in a simulation or a false reality, but I have witnessed so many different things that seem a little abnormal. 

Many of you have heard about deja vu, the feeling where you have seen something before. But not a lot of people have heard the term deja reve, the feeling where you have dreamed something happened before it actually happens.

Personally, I experience deja reve more often than deja vu, and I think it is insane that my mind can make up a whole scenario by itself, when most of the time, I never encounter the people or location I am in until later on in life. 

Makayla Thomas, freshman nursing major, has also witnessed out of the ordinary situations. 

Thomas said she has had multiple recurring dreams since she was young, and they happen randomly throughout the years.

There are [times] where you walk into a room and you walk around for a little bit and completely forget what you were doing there. And then you walk out and remember what you were doing, so that kind of reminds me of a Sims game,” she said. “It’s funny that happens so much.”

Even though she has come across weird scenarios, she said she does not think it could be a false reality kind of thing.

Thomas also mentioned she gets deja vu a lot. 

Deja vu has been noted to be a “glitch in the matrix” situation, according to another article

The article mentions the connection between deja vu and a false reality is made because we are never expecting deja vu to happen. 

Like Thomas, the article relates these out of the ordinary situations to the Sims. 

Scientists have attempted to bring on deja vu using virtual reality,” according to the article. “One study found that participants reported experiencing deja vu when moving through the virtual reality Sims video game, when one scene was purposefully created to spatially map to another.”

The experiments led scientists to believe that deja vu is more focused on the memory part of the brain.

This being said, we all encounter situations that lead us to believe we are in an alternate reality. Yet, I do think these encounters can screw with our brains a little, and make us believe the strangest things.

We are all human, and humans come up with the craziest theories. Even so, it is kind of cool to think about there being alternate universes somewhere out there.