Biosciences research on display for Mom’s Weekend

From staff reports

WSU students’ mothers will have the opportunity to see some of the research undergraduate students have been working on this Mom’s Weekend.

The School of Molecular Biosciences will be hosting its first annual student research symposium for a small group of five to six students from the college.

Daniel Nicoara, senior biochemistry major, will discuss his research on opiate withdrawals in mice.

Working alongside Dr. Raymond Quock, a WSU psychology professor, Nicoara has been looking at potential drugless, but effective treatments for opiate withdrawals. Specifically, he is observing the effects of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2).

“We’ve seen a very marked decrease in withdrawals in mice,” Nicaora said.

The mice in the lab are rendered dependent on opiates and placed in a chamber that contains 100 percent pure oxygen for about an hour.

The event will take place April 10, from 4 – 5 p.m. in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences building on the fourth floor.

Reporting by Matthew Brunstetter