Leaving behind legacy: Nix Clinton

In the midst of an Iranian nuclear deal and Scott Walker’s play on nostalgia with reference to Ronald Raegan, Hillary Clinton has been killing it in the polls. In fact, according to Fusion News, she has been commanding the young women’s vote. While it is certainly about time for the United States to have a woman in the oval office, Clinton is not the right choice.

It would be great to have a president with a background in foreign policy, but unfortunately I think Henry Kissinger is a bit too old for the job. Who’s the next runner up? Hillary Clinton is certainly the most qualified if we look at her resume, but upon further inspection, one might realize that the geopolitical consequences of her time in office are less than ideal.

Clinton would agree with president Obama that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) ought to inspect Iranian facilities in order to safeguard fissile materials. This was laid out in the nuclear deal that Obama made with Tehran.

In an article from the Wall Street Journal, Kissinger and George Shultz point out some hard truths for the Obama administration and our democratic nominee. For example, does the IAEA actually have enough resources to adequately monitor Iranian nuclear research?

The current framework does not require that Iran give up any of its equipment or fissile product. Instead, the Iranians must simply sidestep the United Nations by continuing their research at undisclosed locations. Also, does Clinton believe we can maintain traditional alliances with Sunni states and Israel while ignoring Iranian aggression? Its awkward flying next to the Royal Iranian Guard while we bomb ISIL, especially with our Saudi allies glaring out the cockpits of their Boeing F-15s.

Foreign policy aside, I suppose that we can forgive Clinton’s misunderstanding with the Federal Records Act, which maintains that government workers ought not to use personal email for official business. Hillary seems to take after her husband when it comes to the control of information which is not a popular viewpoint, considering all the hate for the National Security Agency. Besides, voters don’t want to see another Bush vs. Clinton election. The shadow of Bill is long and dark, which leaves voters to think about U.S. failures. The inability to react to the Rwandan genocide and the implementation of a National Missile Defense are just two examples.

While women continue to poll in favor of our former secretary of state, everyone ought to be careful when they cast their ballots. The time has come for a woman to lead the United States with the presidency. Hillary Clinton is just not the right person for the job.