Finding food on campus: Best dining hall


JENNIFER LADWIG | Evergreen reporter

Living on campus as a freshman, knowing dining options is important, and the three dining halls available have present different options for varying palates.

Northside Cafe won best dining hall, likely due to its unique service offerings.

“Northside has the Den, which has an all-you-can-eat option, open from 5 to 7:30 p.m.,” said Hsiu-Pow Hwang, general manager at Northside.

They also have an international cuisine, which offers sushi, stir fry, Mexican food, and Indian food.

Hillside came in second place and is an option for students who just want to grab a quick bite to eat inbetween classes, without having to walk back to their residence halls.

“One thing that differentiates Hillside is that it’s centrally located,” said Sarah Larson, associate director for dining operations.

Last but certainly not least, Southside came in third place, boasting its own perks. Southside has a late-night option by way of the Flix Café and Market, which also delivers, Larson said. If students get a craving for a milkshake, burger and fries, but don’t want to leave their beds, they can order over the phone and get it delivered to their hall.

No matter the situation, there is a dining hall to meet every student’s needs. Congratulations, Northside.