Coffee shopping madness: best coffee shop

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Coffee shopping madness: best coffee shop

From staff reports

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Atmosphere, customer service and adaptability are by WSU student standards what make a great coffee shop. Pullman’s very own Café Moro took the first place for Best Coffee Shop.  

“Our layout is unique,” said Café Moro Owner Tyson Feasel. “People can stay up in the front of shop if they want to chat, and our backroom is used for everything from Magic the Gathering to bible studies. Back in the study room, people know this is the quiet room where things are going to get done.”

For college students, Café Moro’s use of space on top of the great coffee is what makes them the favorite coffee shop in the area, Feasel said. And in his eyes, the space and the product is only going to get better.

“We’re thinking about what more can we do, how can we better use the space,” he said. “Roasting our own beans is the ultimate dream. And another location would be amazing in the future, but there is so much to be done before I take on another project like that.”

Zoe Coffeehouse and Pub tied for the second place. Owner Mike Wagoner focuses on giving students a home away from home with a one of a kind atmosphere.

“We have legendary customer service,” he said. “Our employees love our customers; they love what they do, which makes them provide the best product and delivery. It’s not just a job to them. It’s a privilege to serve the best coffee and food in town.”

Zoe’s big move to the south side of campus may throw some off the trail, but Wagoner said he believes it is still worth student’s while to visit their new location.

“I know it’s a trek, but it’s worth it. It’s still the best coffee,” Wagoner said. “Right now it just looks like a restaurant from the outside, but when we’re done remodeling inside, there will be much more of a vibe.”

The Daily Grind tied with Zoe’s for the second place, and Owner Dana Dykes agreed that customer service is exactly what Pullman loves about his business.

“We have great customer service and a quality product. It’s just a great place to come to,” Dykes said.

Dykes said he knows for all those students who get burnt out on campus life, the trip downtown is well worth it.

“Please come downtown,” he said. “If you’re tired of campus, there’s more out there. Come and see us and all the other businesses. We really appreciate everybody. It’s the most comfortable place in town.”