Calming students, prepping futures: Best adviser

From staff reports

If there were no college advisers, the campus would become an insane asylum with students crying and pulling their hair out, struggling to know if they need to take an art credit still.

Thankfully, Washington State University advisers Heather Cochran and April Seehafer have put their hearts into helping students reach success. Cochran and Seehafer won the Best Advisers category in the Student Choice Awards.

“For me, advising isn’t just about suggesting classes that will fulfill a major and a degree program; it’s about working with advisees in creating a plan to fulfill life and career goals,” said Cochran, an adviser in the department of psychology.

Every semester Cochran helps over 550 students find classes that will enrich their education and even allow them to experiment with new skills.

Seehafer has worked at WSU for 20 years and as an adviser for eight. She primarily focuses on helping pre-nursing majors who often carry a stressful load of required courses.

“It is great to watch my students mature during their time at WSU and very rewarding to see them reach their academic and personal goals,” Seehafer said.

Reporting by Minna Lee