Finding the Nook: Best place to study on campus

From staff reports

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The Holland Terrell Library has been voted as the best place to study on campus by students. There are several factors that make the library a better study spot than a dorm room or sofa.

Most students said while the library is close enough to reach quickly on foot, its quiet halls and maze-like complexity gives it a far-off feel, making it much easier to focus.

Andrew Upchurch, a sophomore studying education, said accessibility is the main reason he studies in Holland Terrell.

Study rooms, tables and small, secluded desks line the rooms of the library, providing plenty of space for lone-studiers as well as groups participating in study tables and group projects.

“It’s quiet and secluded here,” said Delores Fuga, staff assistant at the library. “I see so many different types of students come in here, it’s great to see the diversity.”

Reporting by Shane Michard