Free is the best price: Best swag on the mall

From staff reports

Free shirts and grub are Cougar favorites

Of all the trinkets which one can collect on the mall, shirts and food were voted the best of all.  A student poll about what the best swag to collect on campus resulted in a tie for first between these two items. It’s certainly no wonder, I mean who doesn’t like free food? Couple that offer with a free t-shirt and you will have the undivided attention of quite a few Cougs, at least for a minute or two. 

There really isn’t a better pick-me-up after a hard test than a free ham sandwich. The only better option would be to also receive a piece of apparel from one of our many clubs or sports. These items are expensive and no one can pass up the option to receive a free meal.

Reporting by Adam Felcyn

Recyclable hydration is next on the list

Of all the free WSU gear that students can get, water bottles are the second best.

Besides the sleek look of a WSU water bottle, other benefits include going green. Using a reusable water bottle reduces the amount of waste you produce.

As students, we can carry our water bottles in our backpacks and refill them at any of the water bottle refill stations found all over campus for convenience.

Using these containers can also help us with our college student budget so we don’t have to spend money on disposable water bottles.

So as we collect our WSU swag, don’t forget that these water bottles are saving our money, time, and the Earth.

Reporting by Christina Theel

Shades round out the list of top swag

It’s the same story told over and over again: college kids are poor and they like getting free stuff. Getting free swag is a definite perk of college life, and when it’s something that can be used all the time, it’s even better.

Maybe it’s not water bottles, but the glare of the winter sun has been especially harsh this year, so getting a free pair of sunglasses is easy on the eyes. Furthermore, those cheap plastic shades are just as attractive as they are protective. Next time you see these handed out on the mall, grab a pair, and keep it real with your amazing Coug brethren.

Reporting by Kathryn Snyder