Studying Sex: Best class

From staff reports

Sex certainly sells, and students have voted PSYCH 230, famously dubbed “Dirty 230,” WSU’s best class.

The psychology class on human sexuality and relationships is offered every semester to the delight of 520 students.

The professor, Laurie Smith- Nelson, offers it to so many students because she said she feels like it’s a subject that it is not taught often enough.

“I just think it’s a really important class,” said Smith-Nelson.

PSYCH 230 covers a multitude of subjects within the realm of sex and relationships, including sexual orientation, communication, and the basics of contraceptives.

“It clarifies values and challenges people to think about concepts that they normally wouldn’t think about,” said Smith-Nelson.

The  class is not only offered to psychology majors. In fact, Smith-Nelson said that most of the students who take the course are not psych majors.

With such a large class size, people of all majors interested in sex-related topics can take the course.

“Sexuality is a part of everyone’s life,” said Smith-Nelson. She also said sex is a big deal and can have lasting negative or positive consequences.
Smith-Nelson said she hopes that this course will help students make great sexual decisions.

Reporting by Emily Storm