The desired degree: Best major

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For a generation seeing methods of communication evolving at rapid pace, students say The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication still does it best.

“I’ve always said WSU students were very perceptive,” said the College’s Dean Lawrence Pintak. “Seriously, it’s very gratifying to hear that WSU’s students think so highly of our degree. Who would know better than them?”

The College has been on the forefront of innovation recently because of the availability of resources and emphasis on multimedia platforms.

Bruce Pinkleton, a Murrow College professor, said the faculty members at the Murrow College are outstanding and that the school offers strong courses for students.

“I’m not surprised by this result at all. With all the developments in digital communication and new media, it’s a great time to be a communication major,” Pinkleton said.

Reporting by Sophia Steele