An American staple: Best burger

From staff reports

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Since 1974, Cougar Country’s burgers have satisfied the stomachs of many with original recipes, in house preparation and burgers that take up half the plate. It’s no surprise the diner on Grande Avenue took the spot for best burger in town.

Longtime employee and manager Brian Power said the American classic diner’s burgers are a unique staple. Their most popular burger is a tie between the Cub and the Cougar burger, Power said.

Each burger holds its own and has different qualities, but both have special sauce and fresh baked buns. However, since the special sauce is so unique and original, Power said he couldn’t give up the recipe. He did disclose that they work hard and try and keep the originality of Cougar Country alive.

“We do things differently. We prepare it fresh and put a little more elbow grease into it,” Power said.

Power said he thinks Cougar Country was nominated for the best burger because of the loyal customers.

“It’s really fulfilling to hear positive customer reaction,” he said. “I remember a customer saying ‘It’s great because this is how I remember it when I went here an undergrad.’”

Reporting by Amberlynne Umayam