Porch Light fires up its ovens: Best pizza

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As a staple late night and party food, pizza places in Pullman have stiff competition.

Porch Light Pizza, a recently opened specialty restaurant located downtown won the award for best spot to grab a slice.

“We opened last April,” Porch Light Manager George Swanger said. “It’s the owners of Southfork, they branched off to start their own pizza place. They wanted a high quality pizza at a low price.”

Porch Light specializes in simple, yet flavorful food. They serve both pizza and salad, with several options for both. There are many specialty pizzas to choose from including a create-your-own option.

“It’s the artisan style, minimal toppings, but fresh,” Swanger said. “When it comes to artisan, less is more.”

Porch Light is known for their thin, fresh crust, which was developed by a professor and several students at WSU. Porch Light also offers beer and wine from the northwest.

Pizza Perfection’s fresh and large pizzas came in second place.

“We do all out (pizzas) from scratch. We make our dough and sauce from scratch fresh every day,” said Jamie Boumont, Pizza Perfection manager.

Pizza Perfection also offers The Monster, a 26-inch pizza perfect for large parties.

Dominos came in third place, offering a practical option for those late-night cravings. As a popular destination for college students, Dominos makes a lot of late night weekend deliveries.

“Our weekends are our most busy times, especially nights,” said Sam Attwood, Dominos assistant manager. “We make between 300 and 400 pizzas a day on weekends.”

Dominos is located close to campus, making it very convenient when students need a nighttime pie.

Reporting by Jennifer Ladwig