Pullman’s favorite Barista

From staff reports

When it comes to who makes their coffee, Pullman knows how to pick a pro. Café Moro owner and Pullman’s favorite barista, Tyson Feasel, has been perfecting the art of coffee for nearly 16 years.

“My fist coffee job was at Café Vita in Seattle,” Feasel said. “I feel really lucky to have had that job, first coffee jobs are hard to get. It got me through college. There’ll always be coffee gigs, so it’s a great business to be a part of.”

But Pullman is no Seattle. For Feasel, the pilgrimage from the West to the East side of Washington state was all about getting used to a slower-paced business need.

“You get to know people better. Pullman is smaller, and not as busy all the time. You get to know a lot more of the people that come through,” he said. “I miss a little of Seattle, not the sheer population, but I do wish I could see more people.”

Those who have yet to venture over to Café Moro are sure to find their fix. Feasel turns an average caffeine boost into a creative coffee experience.

“I like making any Americano, with a little steamed milk or cream,” he said. “Steaming milk is one of the more interesting things you get to do in coffee. I like making designs with the foam. But it can be frustrating to pour it when it won’t do exactly what you want.”

Aside from making his favorite drinks, Feasel said he enjoys Pullman’s slower pace that gives him a chance to get to know his customers better than the get-it-and-go coffee drinkers on the West Side.

“Pullman is a great place to work,” Feasel said. “The biggest difference is that Seattle is so huge and Pullman is much smaller, but coffee people are pretty much the same everywhere.”