A toothy win, grin: Best dentist

From staff reports

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While a visit to the dentist can be as painful as the toothache for some, Bearable Dentistry’s convenient services have earned the title of best dentist’s office.

Located in Moscow, the practice is open five days a week, and roughly 15 percent of their patients are students from Washington State University and University of Idaho, said Office Manager Kristine Uravich.

Uravich said each of the three doctors and eight hygienists work by a philosophy that holds patient comfort above all else. Wait times are kept to a minimum and surveys are given to patients after their first visit to welcome feedback.

“All our patients get exit surveys, and as far as I go back, I can’t find one negative thing,” Uravich said. “One time, a man complained that he had to wait ten minutes.”

The office will send text messages to remind patients of appointments and paperwork is sent via email to be completed at the patient’s leisure.

“We won’t call you and interrupt you during class,” Uravich said.

Reporting by Shane Michard