The students have made their choices: A letter from the editor

BY MICHELLE FREDRICKSON | Evergreen editor-in-chief

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Welcome to the Student Choice Awards, and thank you for voting.

For the last several months, we at The Daily Evergreen have been working on a project to reflect the best things Pullman has to offer, according to students. We have been happy to work with ASWSU on this project to expand the Student Choice Awards to include more than 60 categories.

You may have seen The Daily Evergreen sharing our surveys, created by our Web and Mobile department, through Facebook and Twitter. ASWSU has also joined in promoting the awards through tabling events, where you may have taken the survey, and through their own social media channels.

We broke up the surveys into four categories – Sights, Academics and Outside the Classroom, Food, and Treat Yo Self.

A total of 363 people contributed to all of these surveys, giving us a glimpse of what the general student view on campus is. Of course, humanity being as diverse in opinions as it is, not everyone will agree with the common opinions presented in this guide, but the students have collectively spoken.

These results were codified by The Daily Evergreen’s amazing graduate assistant, Paula Tilson. Paula spent countless hours organizing, calculating, and checking all of these results to bring together the final winners.

Additionally, all the different departments in The Daily Evergreen embraced the project and poured their hearts into it. Our advertising staff worked very hard to make it possible, the graphics staff worked overtime on beautiful design, the web and mobile department coded and published the surveys, and the newsroom coordinated the content of the issue you are currently reading.

Putting this guide together has been an enjoyable experience for us at The Daily Evergreen, since we have never attempted something of this nature before. We got to learn how to conduct survey research, promotion, and design for a guide like this.

We hope the Student Choice Awards edition will be beneficial to students now and in the future. Reprints of this guide will be distributed during the summer, so incoming students can have an idea of where to start when they are still new to town.

This is the first year The Daily Evergreen has undertaken this project, but it will not be the last. We have learned a lot from this, and it has been a pleasure to use our voice to directly channel the students’ opinions. We will continue to expand on this tradition – as the student newspaper, it is our function to be the voice of the student body, and doing surveys to find out exactly what the students think is one way we can fulfill that role.