Twilight: Which Cullen are you?

Take personality quiz to determine which vampiric character you most resemble; result may be deeper than you first realize

GABRIELLA MATEO, Evergreen reporter

*Warning — Quiz may be wildly inaccurate, take it at your own discretion. 

To highlight the celebration of the Twilight Saga coming to Netflix, I obviously had to take a quiz to see which one of our fan-favorite Cullens I would be. After binge-watching all five movies when they were released on Netflix, I felt it would be the appropriate next step.

The quiz is made up of nine questions, all seemingly random and unrelated to any actual personality traits. It starts off with: “What would you say your clothing style is?” There were fairly few options but they were generalized. It goes on to ask other random questions, such as your favorite hobby and your favorite season.

In the end, it asks which Cullen you think you would be? I obviously said Alice because I resonate with her the most. There is speculation that she may be a Libra like myself which makes sense because we both are a little eccentric and play the role of peacekeeper.

Sad to say I did not get Alice. I got Rosalie. Safe to say this quiz is not very accurate. The quiz claimed Rosalie represents me best because we both have a rough past, but that does not stop us from being our powerful and determined selves. A little deep for a nine-question quiz, no? I was able to get all this from what my favorite season is and my favorite ice cream flavor.

The quiz title does indicate quiz takers will be disappointed because of the accurate reveal of your true Cullen persona. That is the one thing it got right. Now, I do not hate Rosalie. But for those who have seen twilight, she is not necessarily a fan favorite.

She is rather cold and not really the type to light up a room when she walks in. To be fair, she is an immortal who can never have children, which was her whole want in life. She only got turned into a vampire because the man she was seeing was drunk, and he and his friends assaulted her. So in actuality, she keeps to herself and seems unapproachable because the life she dreamed was stolen from her.

When I look at it that way, maybe Rosalie and I do match up a little. No, I am not an immortal who died horribly from assault and despises myself, but I have been through my own hardships. I understand why Rosalie hates Bella because she is just willing to throw her human life away for Edward. Bella has a choice that Rosalie never got.

All in all, is this quiz accurate? That depends on your definition of accurate. Some of you may take the quiz and get exactly who you wanted. Some of you may end up like me and get someone who you do not necessarily feel represents you, but secretly you have more in common with than you think.