Sink the cost, it’s worth it

The weather outside is frightful, but man the mountains are making me furious. As the winter begins its victory lap in the mountains, snowboarders and skiers everywhere are eagerly waiting for a good snowfall. The chance to fly down a run, or maybe find a personal spot with powder has been on the minds of many students and folks in Washington. Being able to get the adrenaline flowing and try to do a few tricks is the magic that winter brings in the Pacific Northwest.

While it has been a disappointing year for winter enthusiasts, there are just as many people who wonder if they should try strapping themselves in on the action. Whether you’re slipping out to Stevens Pass, Mt. Baker, or your own run, there is one major concern which always looms over all hobbies: money.

Sure, it can be dangerous whenever you are trying to go as fast as you can on a board. However, a broken arm or collar bone doesn’t need to stop you from getting back on and going again. Bumps in the road have never stopped anyone with a passion, and boarding is something worth getting up for. The main concern about a lot of winter sports is how expensive equipment is.

In order to provide some perspective, different season passes can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to almost a thousand. Of course, there are cheaper options such as day passes, but let’s be honest— no one goes out just once or twice. On top of that, boards also have a wide range of costs, but it’s always possible to utilize Craig’s List to find a deal. The bottom line is that no matter what, you’re going to need to sink some costs into it.

With that said, is putting down cash, time and effort into a hobby ever worth the entertainment? Of course they are, in the long run. Every time you fall, face plant, or jump at the wrong time is a learning experience. After all, with movies such as “The Art of Flight” and “Into the Mind,” we are starting to see snowboarding and skiing going to new heights. Although I’ll be happy if I can just make it down without falling down too much!

Now, if only the weather could chill out with some precipitation, there might be a reason to get up to the mountains. Although the last months have been pretty poor for snow, the next few weeks look promising. If you have any inclination to try out winter sports, I would urge you to continue doing research on prices, but certainly don’t give up on the idea of hitting the slopes.