Winter Rec Guide | Outdoor Recreation Center

MARCUS GROVE | The Daily Evergreen

The Daily Evergreen sits down with Lance Jackson, manager and coordinator of the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) rental shop and green bike program.

The ORC has a variety of different resources for students, including gear rental, ski tuning, recreation classes and events, and more.

Video by Marcus Grove

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My name’s Lance Jackson and I am the manager/coordinator of the outdoor rental shop here and the green bike program on campus. Yeah, so the ORC is under the overarching

umbrella of adventure programs.

So adventure programs includes the outdoor programs, trips, clinics itself, the outdoor rental shop, green bike, the challenge program and the climbing wall. So the ORC itself here is where we base all of our programs, adventure programs and many of our classes out of, as well as our rental shop.

We have one class actually coming up is the avy beacon and avalanche safety class, snow safety class. And that there teaches you how to use our avalanche beacons and also, you know, intro level avalanche safety course. We have classes every Thursday if there’s snow on cross country skiing which is free, but there hasn’t been any snow. We have winter skills courses. We just had one up on Moscow Mountain, and we have ski tuning classes so and then all of our trips have an educational basis, you know, part of it.

We just don’t rent gear and we don’t just have trips, but we are a very big resource into the area and into all different types of sports including winter sports. We have a library books and a file cabinet full of maps that are available to all the students. We have, you know, five professional staff that are really knowledgeable about the area, and about the different sports that you can do in the area. We are always available to talk and chat and that’s kind of part of our job is to chat with students and really help them kind of get out and find an area and a sport that they enjoy.