Crime reports by area

From staff reports

College Hill, where the bulk of the Washington State student population is located, sees the most crime reports.

The most-reported crime on College Hill is theft, followed by alcohol related offenses, which ranges from intoxicated in public to minor in possession.

The number of theft reports from 2013 – 2014 increased, whereas alcohol-related offenses went down. There were still 144 alcohol-related offenses that occurred on College Hill in 2014. The other three locations had 17 alcohol-related offenses combined.

College Hill is the only of the four reported areas where reported sex offenses went up from 2013 – 2014. In 2013, there were eight sex offenses reported on College Hill while there were 13 reported in 2014.

Neither Sunnyside Hill nor Pioneer Hill had any sexual offenses reported in 2014. Sunnyside Hill had five sex offenses reported in 2013 and Pioneer Hill had eight.

Sunnyside Hill has the least amount of reports that come in to the Pullman Police Department. Theft was the most-reported crime on the hill, but has gone down slightly since 2013.

Military Hill had the most-reported hit-and-run incidents in 2014 with 32. It had the second-fewest hit-and-run cases in 2013 among the four locations with 19.

The number of DUI’s increased in all four areas from 2013 – 2014. The largest increase in these offenses was seen on Military Hill, which had 11 DUI’s reported in 2013 and 17 in 2014.

Theft is by far the most-reported crime in Pullman with 546 reports submitted for 2014 year. Alcohol-related offenses are the second-most reported crime.

Reporting by Matthew Brunstetter and Dustin Brennan