You want it, UREC’s got it

Getting to the gym and getting motivated to work out can be a challenge for many people, especially students. Having to juggle so many obligations can make creating and sticking to a workout plan daunting.

That’s where University Recreation (UREC) comes in. They offer a multitude of workout classes to get people active.

“The focus (of the UREC) is to provide experiences that suit everyone’s interests and goals,” said Leigha Krick, the coordinator for classes at the REC. “We have a wide variety of options so the hope is that everyone can find something that they are interested in.”

Some of these options include more well-known classes like Cross Fit, Zumba and Circuit Training, while others are a little more obscure, such as Cycle & Flow, BodyPump and Gravity.

“I am really excited for BodyPump,” Krick said. “The really cool thing about BodyPump is that you learn weightlifting techniques so well that you could perform them on your own in the weight room.”

UREC offers some classes this semester that will provide a unique fitness experience.


Instead of just being a physics concept for the force holding us to the ground, it’s now a fitness class. Beyond having a name that may leave people slightly confused, Gravity is a fitness class that focuses on strength training through a full body workout.

“(Gravity) is really fantastic because you use your body weight against you, which means that it is completely customizable,” said Angela Rocchi, one of the Gravity instructors. “You can be doing bicep curls with your body weight or you can be doing bicep curls with just a pulley system.”

Since the workout is so customizable, it is very easy to get into the class no matter what skill level an individual is at, and the class can be easily recommended to just about anyone.

Pink Boxing

This is a class that is exclusively for women, and involves a cardio workout through boxing and conditioning drills. The class is not only designed to get a good workout, but also to learn good values.

“It really encourages girls to think about what matters to them outside of University Recreation,” said Molly Stuller, one of the instructors. “It helps to set them in that direction so they can go get whatever they want.”

The class is designed in a circuit and follows a tier system, which starts at one and goes all the way up to seven.

“You start out at tier one and that is just the basics. We go through all the basic punches and then, as you do more sessions of it, it builds up,” said Siddra Hines, another instructor. “It gives a sense of accomplishment.”

If you want to punch some stuff and get a good workout at the same time, this class is great.


This class is focused around building strength using barbells, weights and an aerobic step. Not only does the class help to build muscle, but it also teaches proper weightlifting techniques so participants are able to go do weightlifting on their own.

“It has been awesome to see how much stronger the participants have gotten and how much more comfortable they are with the different weightlifting techniques,” Krick said. “It is very focused on cueing and appropriate range of motion, so you can go do those exercises on your own.”

To sign up for the classes mentioned above and other UREC classes, go to the UREC website. Demo week is also going on through Jan. 18, allowing people to try out the classes for free before signing up.

Whether you are looking to burn off that freshman 15, bulk up, or just have some fun, UREC has you covered with an array of fitness classes to choose from this spring semester.