Ziply Fiber to start communicating with Pullman community after multiple complaints

Company damaged property in the past, is working on regaining community member’s trust



Pullman City Councilman Nathan Weller said he spoke with the CEO of Ziply to discuss how the company can make amends with the community.


Ziply Fiber will begin installing fiber-optic lines along the intersection of Terre View Drive and Merman Drive today, with an expected completion date of Feb. 4.

The company has been installing fiber-optic lines within the community for the past few years, said Pullman City Councilman Nathan Weller.

Weller said there have been many complaints about the company in the past because of damaged property and lack of communication with home and landowners. 

Weller said some people would come home to find their yard torn up without knowing that Ziply was going to do work in the area. 

City council members discussed their own experiences with the company during a city council meeting in December. Along with damaged property, community members have experienced a lack of internet for weeks with no response from Ziply, according to a Moscow-Pullman Daily News article

Representatives from the company said in the council meeting that they would work on reaching out to the community before starting their work and are hoping to regain trust from community members, according to the article. 

Weller said he spoke with the CEO of Ziply to discuss how the company can make amends with the community, and one of the major areas to work on is how they interact with residents. 

“I do see that they are making better efforts to address [complaints],” Weller said. “It’s going to be challenging for them to come back, but I hope they do … They have to do some additional trust work.”