Leditor: Home is where the news is

Justin Washington joins Evergreen editor team; big goals for research section



Daily Evergreen Research Editor Justin Washington works in the newsroom during a busy production day, Wednesday, Jan. 12.

JUSTIN WASHINGTON, Evergreen research editor

For a lot of students who are new to campus, everyone is looking for something. Friendship, community, identity or even love.

I don’t think I found much of any of those things last semester. Certainly, if I compare Instagram posts, Snapchat stories and group chat messages, I had a relatively sad and tragic last semester while others enjoyed a more colorful one.

However, I was not completely lost. I did not find a lot of the aspects that most people run into during college, but I did find something distinct: home.

I didn’t realize it when I joined the Evergreen back in September, but this place has become my home. I’ve been able to tap into a hidden skill I never knew I possessed, as well as foster meaningful work relationships with editors, photographers and reporters.

Being the research section editor, with the strong faith and support of the Evergreen staff, I hope to give the reporters a home as well. Because, like me, whenever people get lost, I want them to turn to the calm, happy and resourceful environment that I happily reside in.