Hospital discusses gender surgery comments

RICK FLORES, Evergreen reporter

Pullman Regional Hospital held a board meeting Wednesday to discuss the public comments the hospital received in regard to offering gender reassignment services.

Megan Guido, chief communications and marketing director for the hospital, said that nothing was decided at the meeting.

“No decisions have been made yet,” she said. “This was a chance to get the public comment component of the process of deciding on this issue.”

Guido said the hospital was also taking into consideration financial impact, staffing, capacity, resources and public comment before making a decision.

2,074 people indicated that they were in favor of the surgery being offered at PRH, Guido said. 383 commenters were against offering the services, and 65 people did not express an opinion to either side.

Guido said the next step is for the surgeon to perform preceptive cases, and then the Board of Commissioners will look into other factors to make a decision. She said the board will make a decision within the next few months.

Surgeon Geoff Stiller is training to perform gender reassignment surgery and will require additional oversight to perform these procedures.

“The board and the hospital will gather all the information to make an informed decision,” she said.