Wildlife of the Week: Moose

Recognizable animal inhabits local area; can be seen at Steptoe Butte



A female moose marches through the auto loop of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge in Spokane on Sept. 19, 2021.


The moose is a large mammal of the Cervidae family, closely related to deer and elk. It is an iconic and world-famous species, often used to represent the Rocky Mountains or Canada. However, the species is much more widespread than that, ranging all throughout the northern U.S., Canada, and much of northern Europe and Asia, according to the Alces Journal.

This recognizable animal often inhabits the area around Pullman as well. In the fall, moose can often be seen at Steptoe Butte State Park feeding on fallen apples. The species also makes long journeys from habitat to habitat through miles of wheat fields. Sometimes, this results in them getting a little lost and ending up in a less ideal area — such was the case for the locally famous campus moose last semester, which was often referred to as the “moose loose in the Palouse” (though many before it have held the same title).