Letter to the editor: WSU club condemns hate

The Young Democrats, Letter to the Editor

The hateful bigotry thrown around by one of our very own Cougs at the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia is beyond horrific. It’s sickening, appalling, and poisons the image of how a Coug is supposed to conduct them self.

The hateful rhetoric stirred up by College Republican President James Allsup fails to reflect what this university stands for and, we hope, what our Republican counterparts on this campus stand for.

The hateful intent of a rally which prompted violence and racism to crawl out from under the rocks might unfortunately linger into our campus, ergo our history, if its participants were to remain in leadership.

Our organization enjoyed the opportunity for the dialogue we’ve shared with the College Republicans through debates in the last year; however, it has become clear that we have not shared a dialogue with a respectful nor productive member our society that values civil discourse over that of hate. The Young Democrats of Washington State University are pleased the College Republicans are transitioning to new leadership and hope our counterparts do not repeat the inflammatory counter productiveness instigated under the former president.

We recognize that the neo-Nazi sentiments exemplified in the horrors of Charlottesville do not reflect the views of a vast majority of conservatives on our campus. It’s because of this truth that the leadership of the College Republicans has failed to reflect the values of the party they claim to support.

If we as a student body move forward by choosing respect and productive conversation over that of prejudice and hate, our university’s reputation will not be entirely robbed of its pride and dignity.