College pro tips for freshmen

Take if from a seasoned student: Drink responsibly and make old friends


RYAN PUGH | Evergreen Photo Illustration

With all the exciting new things around the corner for freshmen, remember to sleep, drink your water and try not to be hungover for class.

JENNIFER LADWIG, Evergreen mint editor

As new freshmen, it can be intimidating coming into a large university. So here are some pieces of advice that I, as a senior at WSU, have learned along the way that will hopefully make your transition smoother.

I know the idea of parties is overwhelming. I know drinking is fun. And I know you’re gonna do it. But coming to your 8 a.m. UCORE class with a blistering headache for your first in-class quiz is NOT the way to go. So, how can this be avoided? Have a glass of water in between beers or shots. Bring a Gatorade with you to class. Advil is your best friend. Sometimes hangovers are unavoidable, but drinking lots of water before you go to sleep has helped me a lot.

Don’t be that one sloppy drunk. There are a handful of different drunks out there: the runner, the crier, the dancer, the horny one, the blob (my personal favorite: just find a cozy spot on the couch and enjoy the euphoria) and the sloppy drunk. You’ll quickly learn which drunk you are, based on the stories your friends tell you the next day.

If you have a friend who’s a runner, assign someone to keep an eye on them. Even drunk people can be very good at a job like this. If you know someone who’s the horny one, make a pact with them on how far you’ll let them go. Decide if casual make-outs are OK, and if you draw the line when their partner-in-crime tries to lead them upstairs.

But the sloppy drunk is perhaps the most stressful. They walk around spilling their drinks on everything. They inhabit all the other types of drunks: they’ll go from dancing like a crazy person to laying on the floor to deciding they want to get on the roof to throwing up in someone’s popcorn bowl, all in the span of two minutes. Keep an eye of those ones, they’ll sneak up on you. And if you are the sloppy drunk in question, well, get your shit together.

Off the topic of drinking, try to find a happy place. Mine as a freshman was my sister’s apartment. It was a place I could go when my roommate was constantly skyping her sister back home about the latest high school drama. It was a place I could go to take a real shower and use a real kitchen. Your escape might just be a favorite coffee shop or a quiet corner in your dorm lounge. Find a spot that you can get cozy and let that be your happy place.

Try and make friends with classmates and upperclassmen in your major. Having a friend in each class will give you someone to show up for, and they will also double as a great study buddy. Making friends with seasoned students is great for study help, answering questions you have about how crazy a certain teacher might be, and they might have the books you need for a better price than the Bookie. Plus, we old people can make for good company sometimes. We’re all crotchety and apparently that’s funny.

I want to emphasize that I am in no way condoning underage drinking. There is a legal age for a reason, and it would be wise to adhere to it. But I’m also not dumb, and neither are you. Drinking is gonna happen. Do it safely. Have a buddy, keep all hands on your drinks. Keep your clothes on and learn your limits. Experiment, but do it in a safe environment and on the weekends.

Find an upperclassman to be your mentor in all things school and social, and kick freshman year in the ass. Or at least the ankles, cause it’ll probably have you knocked on your ass in no time.