Wazzu Weekly: July 4, 2022

USC, UCLA abandon Pac-12, join Big Ten, WSU announces volleyball schedule



WSU wide receiver Calvin Jackson Jr. (8) lines up against USC cornerback Joshua Jackson Jr. (23) during a college football game Sept. 18, 2021, in Pullman.

SAM TAYLOR, Evergreen sports editor

Hello and welcome to the Wazzu Weekly roundup of Washington State sports news.

This is a collection of the week’s top stories and articles from your dedicated Daily Evergreen Sports Section and links to more WSU-related news.

USC, UCLA to leave Pac-12 Conference, join Big Ten in 2024

USC and UCLA decided to celebrate independence day by declaring independence from the Pac-12 and dependence on a Big Ten Conference that figures to make millions more than the Pac in T.V. revenue.

With the future of the Pac-12 in jeopardy, WSU could be left behind as its fellow Pac-12 schools take care of themselves first. The conference is staying together for now, but as Thursday’s events demonstrated, a lot can change rather quickly when major money is at stake.

WSU announces volleyball schedule

WSU volleyball’s TV schedule was released a couple of weeks ago but WSU fans finally got a look at the complete schedule. WSU starts the season against Duke, Rider and BYU in the BYU challenge in Provo, Utah on Aug. 26-27 before hosting the Cougar challenge Sept. 1-2 in Pullman.

WSU plays 13 home matches and 18 road matches including eight in road invitationals.

For a complete breakdown of the schedule, click here.

WSU football recruits six offensive players in class of 2023

WSU has landed ten hard three-star committed recruits to the 2023 class.

The future WSU football players include quarterback Sam Leavitt, tackle Noah Dunham, cornerback Warren Smith, linebacker Jailen Ruth, marked “athlete” Trey Leckner, wide receiver Brandon Hills, tackle Nathan Pritchard, tackle Ashton Tripp, wide receiver Carlos Hernandez and linebacker Tai Faavae.

Each brings something special to WSU and brings the program closer to head coach Jake Dickert’s vision.

Read about each new 2023 recruits here.

Other news

Incoming WSU tennis freshman Eva Alvarez captured the IBP Circuit Open title in Spain.

Former tennis Cougs Michela Bayerlova and Savanna Ly-Nguyen continue to find success on the court while current Coug Maxine Murphy builds her resume too.

Micaela De Mello, who dazzled her freshman year in Pullman, is now the Brazilian 100-meter hurdles champion.


Former Coug CJ Allen was the runner-up in the 400-meter hurdles in Thursday’s Wanda Diamond League Meet in Stockholm, Sweden.


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