Letter to the editor: Schulz not doing enough

President Schulz is not doing enough

Tanner Lemke, WSU Alumnus

No one of sensible mind, or those sincere in their opinion, should hesitate in condemning the most recent incident of charged racial tensions materializing themselves once more on the WSU campus.

The Schulz administration has taken the presumptive view that they are already maximizing their efforts in combating these tensions and disrupting these racist provocateurs as much as one could.

Therefore, it is reasonable to expect neither changes nor any new initiatives in pursuing new strategies. While they have not explicitly stated their deficiencies in such explicit language, the Schulz administration’s actions, or lack thereof, firmly speak to the notion that they believe they are powerless in this situation, or they refuse to act.

If ever there were a time to be bold in action, two recent bomb threats would qualify, yet no one holds their breath.

The administration’s powerless leadership to confront and manage these tensions and outbreaks of outright, and poisonous displays of hatred and potential violence against students, compounded with the occurrences that have taken place since at least last September, have confirmed an unfavorable impression of Schulz and has given credence to the belief his administration lacks the ability to handle the circumstances on campus by themselves adequately.

I earnestly hope that the students of WSU will make their concerns heard, along with their parents, and Schulz and the administration will be moved to recognize their passivity and laissez-faire leadership in fostering cross-cultural competency and respect.

The pernicious nature of these issues and the indignant defense Schulz has made for the lack of progress draws a painful contrast to the course of action employed by his predecessor.