WSU bomb threat suspect released on bail; awaiting arraignment

IAN SMAY, Evergreen reporter

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Jose Andes Tecautl, an 18-year-old former WSU student who has been accused of carrying out last week’s bomb threats, has been released on bail and is awaiting his arraignment Friday.

Tecautl was a resident advisor in the all-male Stimson Hall, where the bomb threats and hate symbols were made. He was arrested on six counts, including three counts of felony harassment to kill and three counts of threatening to bomb or injure property, according to Whitman County Superior Court documents.

The former WSU sophomore made his preliminary appearance in front of Judge Gary Libey after being arrested Tuesday. Charges are scheduled to be reviewed tomorrow, with his arraignment scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. Friday morning, according to court documents.

Tecautl’s bail was set at $5,000 and he has since posted bond. Judge Libey filed a restraining order that requires Tecautl to remain at least a thousand feet from any WSU campus. Libey required this distance due to both the nature of the crimes Tecautl is accused of and for his own personal safety, according to multiple reports.

There is currently no evidence suggesting that the teenager had the means to actually carry out an attack.