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Protecting Ol’ Crimson

Kurt Schroeder Evergreen reporter

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For the 139th straight week, the Cougar flag known as Ol’ Crimson will fly on the set of ESPN College GameDay Saturday. However, this time the flag will enter its most hostile environment to date: the University of Washington.

Husky and Cougar fans are no stranger to one another, but a Twitter argument between parties of both schools has brought the issue of Ol’ Crimson’s safety into the national spotlight.

Seattle sports radio KJR’s Dave “Softy” Mahler was anything but soft when he announced on both his radio program as well as his twitter page that a $100 bounty should be placed on Ol’ Crimson, and that the money will go to anyone that takes it down.

Although Mahler claims the statement was just to rile up Cougar fans, ESPN College GameDay anchor Chris Fowler took to his Twitter page to ensure the safety of a WSU tradition.

“Flag carriers will be protected if needed!” Fowler tweeted. “It’s a tradition. WSU flag(s) will be there.”

ASWSU Vice President Kevin Massimino reiterated the fact that Ol’ Crimson will indeed be on the UW campus in full force and that Husky fans should focus on the game against Oregon, instead of the flag.

“The simple fact that UW fans are more concerned about a rival flag flying on their campus instead of focusing on the game against what they consider to be a bigger rival in Oregon speaks for itself,” he said. “They’ve earned their day, it’s a great matchup, I’m just hoping for a Ducks win.”

Even though the focus of GameDay will be on the Huskies v. Ducks matchup, Massimino said having GameDay so close to Pullman gives WSU fans on the Westside the opportunity to experience Cougar pride to some degree.

“I think it’ll be really cool for Coug fans to have a chance to see GameDay, especially those that were out to show support during the Seattle Game,” he said. “It gives us an opportunity to show ESPN producers that we are serious about having GameDay come to Pullman.”

ESPN College GameDay has yet to make an appearance in Pullman, but Massimino said given the improvements of the WSU football team and the right matchup, an appearance is definitely a possibility.

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Protecting Ol’ Crimson