Free speech rally to be held next week

RACHEL SUN, Evergreen reporter

The WSU chapter of Young Americans for Liberty will host a free speech rally Wednesday on the steps of Todd Hall.

Chapter President David Mclerran said that the rally is meant to be a bi-partisan movement for free speech, and that he reached out to both Young Democrats and College Republicans.

Mclerran also said the rally is in response to the students that held the sit-in held Friday in the WSU French Administration building who asked for definitions of hate speech among other things.

“Everybody is going to have a different definition [of hate speech],” Mclerran said. “I really think you need to draw the line at fighting words, which has already been done by Supreme Court cases.”

Mclerran said there will be several speakers at the event, and anyone who wants to speak is welcome to do so.

“Even someone who is not a good person — a neo-Nazi or a member of the KKK,” Mclerran said. “Their ideas are horrible, and I do not condone them. However, I support their right to express their ideas. If I do not allow them to express their ideas, why should I be expected to express mine?”

Reporting by Rachel Sun