Drama and controversy, what else is college football?

Focus more on off the field than on it during week nine 



WSU linebacker Travion Brown (82) tackles Utah quarterback Bryson Barnes (16) during an NCAA football match, Oct. 27.

BRANDON WILLMAN, Evergreen reporter

Week nine of the NCAA Football season was a wild ride, including teams fighting in the tunnel, thoroughly wetting the bed to ruin their undefeated season and playing with the beautiful and unproblematic Pac-12 officiating. 

Michigan and Michigan State battled for the Paul Bunyan Trophy in a game that favored the home team, the Wolverines. The play on the field was not the talking point of this game, as the blue and maize easily took the win 29-7.

However, after the game, a Michigan player was assaulted and ganged up on by multiple Michigan State players in the locker room, which was caught on video. There may have also been a second player that was also assaulted in the same tunnel. 

While the university investigates the alleged assault, four Spartan players have been suspended indefinitely for their involvement, according to NBC news

There is no excuse or justification for the players’ actions, even if the single Michigan player had taunted them in the tunnel. The young men have thrown away their football careers in a disgusting act. 

While it is true that emotions run high in a rivalry game, that comes nowhere close to excusing their actions and it is frankly embarrassing that they acted this way after taking such a massive L on the field. 

In other embarrassing college football action, No. 9 ranked Oklahoma State went from a dark-horse playoff contender to looking like they forgot to practice the past month. 

In a shocking turn of events, they lost 48-0 against No. 22 Kansas State and fell drastically in this week’s rankings. 

In an attempt to get some reps in a blow-out loss, they put in freshman quarterback Gunnar Gundy, but it was evident that his nerves were overtaking any possible benefit he would have received from getting a few snaps.

In other playoff-contending action, pretty much every other possible team that could get a bid for one of the four spots won their games, making this playoff race shape up to be one of the most competitive since the format’s introduction. 

In Pac-12 action, WSU and Utah played on Thursday and hosted the road-tripping Ben Chase. Chase is a man trying to break the record for most college football games attended in a single season and Wazzu was his 35th stop. 

The game was not without controversy; while the usual suspect in the Pac-12 refs made several questionable calls against the Cougs, Utah star QB Cam Rising was MIA for the game, something that the Utes had failed to tell the broadcast team. 

It became apparent that the broadcast had no clue as the entire intro package was focused on Rising and it was a shock to all when he did not start the game. 

The conference has looked quite top-heavy, as the top four teams have only lost in conference play to each other and are 15-0 against the rest of the competition. 

The top-25 rankings love the top teams in the conference, as Oregon, UCLA, USC and Utah are all in the top 12. 

It looks like the conference may get some representation in the playoff if all goes smoothly the rest of the way. 

Week 10 has one huge matchup and several other interesting ones sprinkled in. 

All eyes will be glued to CBS at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday as No. 1 Georgia and No. 2 Tennessee duke it out in a rare top-two battle during the regular season. Whichever team can come out on top is all but guaranteed a spot in the playoff, even if they slip up and lose one game. 

Other exciting matchups are No. 6 Alabama going to face No. 15 LSU and No. 5 Clemson on the road against Notre Dame. Clemson is hanging on by a thread in many of their matches and any given week could spell disaster for the Tigers.