Kamiaken Bridge restoration underway

From Staff Reports

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The Kamiaken Street Bridge is receiving its first maintenance since its construction in 1931, said Clayton Forsmann, the deputy director of Pullman Public Works.

“This is the first maintenance project I am aware of,” said Forsmann.

An inch of concrete will be poured along the top of the bridge as a maintenance measure, he said. He explained these changes will extend the life of the bridge and allow heavier trucks to pass across the bridge.

In addition to strengthening the bridge, the construction will cover exposed and unsightly rebar. Forsmann said the bridge is not currently unsafe.

The Kamiaken Street Bridge will be completed Oct. 30, Forsmann said. While under construction the bridge will not be in use. During this time, students and community members will be detoured around the bridge along marked routes.

“It is important to note all businesses will remain open in the vicinity of the project,” said Forsmann. “There is still parking in the area.”

Maintenance construction on the Kamiaken Street Bridge began Monday, Sept. 23.

The entire project, costing an estimated $150,000, is being funded through a federal grant from the Federal Highway Fund, Forsmann said.

West Company from Airway Heights, Wash. will be completing the construction, he said.