Just a boy and his dog


RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen

Petr Paulson training his dog Misha how to run alongside him on his bike Aug. 30.

RACHEL SUN, Evergreen reporter

Name, age: Petr Paulson, 13, mother Suzy Scott and Golden Retriever Misha, one-and-a-half years old

I saw you were riding around on your bike with Misha. Are you training him?
P: “As a service animal. That’s my whole goal, for him to pull me to school on this and be with me.”

How old was Misha when you got him?
S: “He was eight weeks old.”

S: “Do you want to tell her how we saved Misha last week?
P: “He ate his leather leash.”
S: “Six feet of leather leash disappeared.”
P: “And then they induced vomiting. We couldn’t hardly find any vets in the phone book, and we found one, and she said, ‘you need to do this, this, this and this!’”