Reader reactions: President Schulz outlines plans for window safety

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Readers react to an article about WSU President Kirk Schulz announcing in an email sent Tuesday that a university team is currently working to improve residence hall window safety. The efforts come after a student fell from a second story window Aug. 24 and a petition to increase window safety received 12,000 signatures.

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Alexia Skoulikari: “Window safety isn’t the problem or other safety issues that WSU and Schulz are trying to solve. There needs to be more risk management considering the excessive alcohol use among undergraduates at WSU. The drinking culture at WSU is the problem, not the fire safe windows.”

Rachel Tompkins: “This is equivalent to renting a two story house, falling out the window, and then trying to blame your landlord. Instead of trying to blame someone else, look at your life and look at your choices. Not taking responsibility for your actions is not going to work out for you when you get a career.”

Jean Gratton Van Court: “The amount of victim blaming in these comments is pathetic. Falls can happen to anyone, drinking or not. Who puts window seats next to a wide open window? The university can and must do something to help ensure student safety.”