Dr. Dave is still recovering


The recent article entitled “Welcome Home, Dr. Dave” was a lovely tribute and likely well intended, but left the distinct impression that David Warner has completed/nearly completed his recovery process. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To the average reader who knows nothing about David save what they read in this paper, they would’ve come away from this article erroneously thinking, “great, all is well, he is better.” That is an insult to his recovery process, his daily struggles and to those of us who know him personally. It is inappropriate and borderline offensive to whitewash the situation by making it sound like he’s all better.

The events of that night left permanent scars on everyone who knows him, and left him to likely face a lifelong recovery process. We hope and pray that someday he will be completely healed, but that is far from a foregone conclusion.

It is important for the public to understand the truth – that violence leaves lasting scars, some of which never fully heal.

Cerissa Harper

WSU critical culture/gender/race studies

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