Stress-relief advice from two seniors: Go outside


RACHEL SUN | The Daily Evergreen

Kaitlyn Fiscus, left, and Melissa Flores said they like to take a break and de-stress by going for walks.

RACHEL SUN, Evergreen reporter

Name, year, major: Melissa Flores, senior, double major in international business and marketing
Kaitlyn Fiscus, senior, international business

Do you know each other because you have the same major?
K: “We’re actually from the same hometown, but we didn’t know each other. We came here and ended up being in the same sorority, and we met that way. Now we’re roommates.”

What are you doing out today?
K: “Our house has no AC, and it felt colder out here so we wanted to go for a walk.”
M: “That’s what we’ve been doing for a couple days. It just feels nice to get out. It’s a stress reliever.”

Do you like to spend a lot of time outside?
M: “I would definitely say more students should go outside and take a breath, even if that means going to the park or something.”
K: “And it’s different, because I feel like walking to class is always crappy, but if you’re doing it for your own enjoyment, it’s a nice break.”
M: “I definitely think the older you get, you start being way more independent. Your freshman year you’re like, ‘I need friends, I need to know what to do.’ Once you’re here for a while you’re like, ‘I can do things on my own.’ I definitely feel like people should just do shit and not stay inside a house. Stop drinking a little bit and enjoy nature.”

How do you think you’ve changed since freshman year?
K: “It’s kind of just a fresh start to be who you want to be. No one here knows you.”
M: “You definitely change a lot, in a good way. I don’t feel like personality-wise I’ve changed, but as a person I’ve changed. Freshman year I came in, and I still kind of had this stigma of ‘oh, I have to impress people’ I’ve always been an independent person, but now after traveling and doing me, not being in a relationship, I’m like, ‘I don’t give a f*ck.’ You just don’t care about the little things.”