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Reader reactions: Pac-12 penalizes field storming with monetary damages

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Readers react to an article about WSU football fans rushing the field of Martin Stadium after a win over Boise State University in triple overtime. The Pac-12 Conference Council fines institutions $25,000 the first time fans storm the field, with that amount doubling for each new offense, capping at $100,000. The policy is part of an effort to increase post-game safety for fans, players and staff.

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Kay Craig: “This is common sense! Do not rush the field. Do you want your players injured by this? What about fans who’ve died or been paralyzed? It has happened. These rules are put in for everyone’s safety. Learn from this and enjoy the game next week.”

Darren Nutt: “Wow! A penalty fee for storming the field after a big win? I don’t remember that being the case when I went to school there in ’97 when the student body rushed the field after beating Stanford!”

Jacob Dyer: “This is a dumb policy, they should remove it. This punishes the school for something it can’t really control. Now if you penalized the individuals who rush the field, it would be a different story.”

Jeremy Stiles: “I wasn’t at the game, so I don’t know, but what kind of notice against rushing the field do the fans get? The penalty disproportionately hurts WSU, and the Pac-12 doesn’t have a problem with that. University of Southern California, University of Washington or Oregon could find $25,000 for this fine under the cushions of one couch.”

Evan Shelton: “Dumb rule. Fans like to rush the field, players like it when fans rush the field, and it is a tradition of college football after big wins. Dumb rule, great win!”

Jalen Barnes: “It’s been a rule since last season, the only reason we are knowing about it now is because it’s the first time we’ve rushed the field since it came into effect. Based on what I’ve seen, the rule doesn’t seem to be stopping it.”

Preston Nolan: “Tell me where to send my check.”