Students can now register for Global Case Competition

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter

Registration is now open for any student interested in competing in the Global Case Competition, which includes a chance to present their research findings abroad while solving real-world issues, according to a WSU News release.

The competition, hosted by the Office of International Programs, takes place in late October and includes teams of six members who will travel to multiple WSU campuses.

The Global Case Competition brings in many diverse groups to engage in collaboration. The competition focuses heavily on strong partnership and critical thinking of controversial issues.

Students bring their creativity and research findings to their teams and work together to come up with solutions to global issues, according to the news release.

Last year’s winning team received the opportunity to visit the UN, the International Red Cross, and the Red Crescent Museum in Switzerland. They presented their research findings to the International Detention Coalition, The International Service for Human Rights, and the non-governmental organization Alkarama.
Teams will also compete for scholarships.

There is no fee for participation, but registration will close after the first 120 students meet competition requirements. No prior experience is required to register.