Over a dozen students ejected from football game for MIP (needs readout, design only)

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Law enforcement officers dealt with multiple minor in possession of alcohol incidents on Saturday.

“I think we had four that day inside the stadium,” WSU Police Assistant Chief Steve Hansen said.

In addition to the four that were charged that day, Hansen said that he believes there were a total of 13 ejections due to minors with alcohol related offenses from the past weekend’s clash with the Boise State Broncos.

Hansen said, although there were numerous alcohol offenses, that spectators have been well-behaved this year. He also said that the amount of problems they had to deal with Saturday was average compared to previous years.

The amount of crime that takes place also depends on other factors.

“These things are weather-dependent,” Hansen said. “It depends on the game, who we’re playing, the time of the game. There are various factors.”