Letter to the Editor: Veterans need a quiet place to meet and talk


As the parent of a veteran of the conflict in Iraq, I have seen changes in my son from the way he was when he first joined the service.

Some people may say they become indoctrinated in the ways of the military, but in fact they become part of a cultural group. Whether they serve in a war zone or here at home they become bound to others who have served and often need to be with those like people to feel someone cares about them.

My son has PTSD and even after ten years has trouble some days coping with day to day life. The Veteran’s Affairs office in Spokane is overworked and those who work here on staff as psychological counselors don’t understand the stress of military life or war. Service people can talk to one another and get the relief that is needed in a way that counselors or parents can’t.

Sometimes I feel like an outsider looking in when my son talks to other vets, but that is only because I can’t relate to what they have gone through. Just like other cultural groups on campus whether they are Latinos, Islanders, Christians, or those with alternative lifestyles, vets need to be given a quiet area that is larger than a ten by ten area with computers and desks to relax and interact with other vets.

Not everyone may agree with the idea of a military, but these young men and women made a voluntary decision to act in defense of our country, and as individuals they deserve respect from our university and student community.

A quiet area, much like the quiet room off the rotunda near the entrance to Terrell Library, is not asking too much. It would be a place to talk quietly with other vets or escape from the daily pressure of classes and memories that may haunt them, a place to seek relief from other vets who may be going through similar anxieties.

Remember, whether you agree or disagree with what the military does, we must always respect those who answer the call to protect the rest of us. A simple show of respect is all these vets are seeking.

Mike McCarthy

Pullman resident and former WSU student

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