Online psychology degree ranks third in nation

Devin Trubey

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With its recent ranking as third in the nation, WSU’s online psychology department works toward partnering with the university’s Global Campus as they make headway in the online academic field, according to

“What sets Washington State University Online Campus apart as a whole is bridging the gap between the online student and the campus student,” said Lee Daffin, online psychology degree program director.

The program ranked behind Liberty University and Drexel University. The criteria were based on academics, student satisfaction and opportunities for professional experience or specialized study.

WSU Online Academic Consultant Joy Thompson believes the unique attributes of the online psychology department helped them win the award. She said the personalized service and the fact that students are not another number in the system but a person makes the school stand out.

The online department offers minors in women’s studies, aging, sociology, and human development. With a potential increase in enrollment, the department hopes to add psychological learning classes next fall, Daffin said.

Students in the online school can participate in courses from the 100 to 400 levels and independent research with the professor. All students are eligible for in-state tuition, and there is an online government that they can participate in.

The psychology department strives to make their students feel more connected. Daffin said they use weekly discussion boards to help engage students from day one.

Instructors also only conduct class in an area of their expertise in hopes of inspiring students to pursue that field, he said.

The psychology department hopes that their ranking as third will ensure a partnership with Global Campus, attract more students, maintain their current ranking and eventually rise to No. 1, he said.