Reader reactions: End the stigma surrounding marijuana use

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Readers react to a column comparing the dangers involved with the use of alcohol and marijuana. Alcohol, which is already widely available through more than 20 retailers in Pullman, is far more dangerous than marijuana, and studies have shown that about 40 percent of violent crime is linked to alcohol use. Proposed plans for the addition of a new pot shop in Pullman will not make the community anymore dangerous than it already is because the shops are heavily regulated.

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Erik Acevedo: “One causes DUIs, car accidents, fights and assaults. The other causes you to eat your fridge and chill on the couch — make your choice.”

Angel Aurora Satarose: “Drinking is way worse and causes much more damage than marijuana ever could. Rarely do you hear about someone dying of marijuana overdose, but you see alcohol poisoning cases in the emergency room all the time. There are way more cases of causing another person to die in a head-on collision with another car involving alcohol than marijuana. Ever had a drunk person mistake your house for theirs and break your door? I have … There are far more dangers of alcohol happening in Pullman than marijuana will ever pose.”

Liv Molinari: “Drinking alcohol doesn’t impose a stench on your surrounding neighbors like smoking does … I would rather sit next to someone in class drinking vodka out of a water bottle, than someone who smoked on the way to class and still reeks of pot. That being said — I still support your decision to smoke pot. If it didn’t make me eat everything in sight or chance me getting fired, I’d use it too.”

Collin Shull: “As I and my friends have gotten older and attained more professional occupations, many of us have switched vices to smoking more weed rather than drinking precisely because it doesn’t carry the same hangover.”

Clara Oliver: “Personally I find the smell a bit much, but like the idea of vaping and edibles. I don’t think it’s any worse than cigarettes in terms of obnoxiousness and could be treated similarly. Don’t smoke around people who don’t like it, don’t drive or do complicated things while high, don’t be a pinhead, and it’s no different than booze with none of the bleeding calories.”

Kurt Semler: “I’ve also never heard of somebody smoking a doobie and getting in a fight and pulling out a gun, shooting somebody. The only thing that’s going to get killed because of pot is a bag of chips and all the junk food in the house.”