Sorority raises DACA renewal funds

Bracelets are a tangible reminder of donating, Alpha Nu members say


KEISHA BROKAW | The Daily Evergreen

Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority member Mayra Olais-Ochoa spoke with students on campus today to raise awareness and funds for the Crimson Group, an organization that provides aid tAlpha Nu Multicultural Sorority member Mara Olais-Ochoa spoke with students on campus today to raise funds for the Crimson Group, an organization that provides aid to DACA recipients at WSU and UI.o DACA recipients at WSU and UI.

JONATHAN VILLANUEVA, Evergreen reporter

Alpha Nu, a multicultural sorority on campus, raised money to support DACA renewals at a fundraiser in the CUB main floor on Monday.

DACA is short for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a policy that former President Barack Obama instituted in 2012.

Sabrina Frink, a member of Alpha Nu, said the sorority wanted to get the WSU student population involved. She said they chose bracelets because it is a tangible reminder of donating to DACA.

“We just wanted to bring more awareness to [DACA],” she said. “We thought of the bracelets because it’s more of a solid thing than just someone donating money.”

Mara Olais-Ochoa, a member of Alpha Nu, said this fundraiser affects her in an emotional way. She said her cousin, who is a DACA recipient, will be impacted by the policy change.

“That’s why I feel so strongly about this,” she said. “She is the reason why I was pushing toward it.”

Olais-Ochoa said the majority of her family members are DACA recipients. She said DACA has helped them continue their education and pursue work in the U.S.
“It’s just little things like [DACA] that helps them get to the next level,” Olais-Ochoa said.

Kaitlyn Sumner, Alpha Nu fundraising chair, said the donated funds will go to the Crimson Group to help DACA recipients on campus.
“They give out $250 per student,” she said, “whoever tries and asks for help.”

The Crimson Group is an advocate and support group for undocumented students. In addition to this fundraiser, they have created a GoFundMe to fund renewals, which has raised $7,600 as of Monday night.

The sorority doesn’t have any other DACA fundraisers planned, Frink said, but they do support other organizations who are also doing fundraisers.
“The students come up to [the Crimson Group] individually,” Sumner said. “They help them out with the paper process.”