USGS confirms explosion reports false

IAN SMAY, Evergreen reporter

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There have been false reports of an explosion just outside Colfax on Monday morning.

The United States Geological Survey reported a 2.6 magnitude explosion 11 kilometers West Northwest of Colfax at about 8:45 a.m. Monday. The two offices contributing to the report were the USGS National Earthquake Information Center in Denver and the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network in Seattle.

However, the USGS center confirmed that the reading was actually caused by energy from a 3.5 magnitude earthquake in Montana that occurred two minutes before the reading outside of Colfax, a spokesperson said.

Whitman County Sheriff Brett Myers had previously said there was no explosion anywhere in the county, and that the reports must have been false positives. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network had stated that the waveform readings were consistent with an explosion but not uncommon, a spokesperson said.