Take precautions to avoid the flu


Photo courtesy Lars Plougmann

Washing hands and using hand santizer are good practices to avoid contracting and spreading illness.

LATISHA JENSEN, Evergreen reporter

As flu season approaches, people can lower their chances of contracting the illness by taking certain precautions.

WSU Health & Wellness Services offers flu shots for students from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. starting this Friday and continuing every Friday in October, in the Programs and Outreach entrance of the Washington Building. Registration is not required, and these are walk-in appointments. Flu shots will be billed through insurance. Most insurance companies cover the full cost of the flu shot, according to HWS.

HWS also suggests washing hands or using hand sanitizer, particularly after the using the restroom, before eating or after touching a frequently used area. It’s also important to sanitize surfaces touched by many people, like keyboards, desks and doorknobs.

HWS recommends students think before touching their faces, to decrease the chances of ingesting germs until they can wash their hands, as well as cover coughs and sneezes to avoid spreading germs.

Habits that can be overlooked during a busy time include not sharing certain products with others. These include lip balm, water bottles, eating utensils, cups, straws, and smoking devices such as pipes, hookahs and cigarettes. Flu-contaminated saliva can be passed along to others by sharing these, according to HWS.

Eating healthy, sleeping, managing stress and staying home when sick can help fight illness and prevent the spread of illness as well, HWS advises.

Correction: This article have been revised to reflect that the flu shots are not free.